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We have a challenge in our house when we sit down at the meal table together as a family. You recount what kind of day you’ve had but you can’t use crutch words; ‘basically, like, obviously, literally, honestly’ and if you can avoid it, ‘actually.’ Just for good measure I’m throwing in a bonus word; ‘awesome!’ But does it work?


It’s Australia day today, a country I’m delighted to have spent a month touring last summer. But there’s an air of trepidation for all visitors to this far off land, something that was certainly in the back of our minds as a family as we buckled into our seats for the 23 hour, ten and a half thousand mile journey from London Heathrow to Sydney; what creatures would be lurking under the toilet seats or out in the yards of our various Air BnBs that could bite, sting and generally do harm to us? Here’s the answer…


On my way in to London this morning whilst sat in bumper to bumper traffic on the Western Avenue not far from the magnificent Art Deco, Wallis Gilbert and Partners designed Hoover building, which they’ve just turned into swanky apartments lifting the average house price for that area in anti-gravitational proportions, I noticed in the rear view mirror a man driving a black Vauxhall Astra weaving his way and cutting through traffic even whilst we were all moving at a proverbial snail’s pace. I was all prepared for, road rage.